Lindert Steegen is a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on mural and graphic design. Current studio is based in Ghent, Belgium. Working closely with the client and environment to achieve a shared vision. 

Trying to push boundaries, driven by curiosity. Always open for new opportunities,exciting and crazy ideas. 

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Cultuurcentrum De Kimpel
Eikenlaan 25, 3740 Bilzen

This installation was created for my solo exhibition "It's All Relative". The exhibition was an ode to my hometown Hoelbeek. It represents my favourite spaces within this small village. These spaces are mostly related to my family.

This particular installation is a metaphor for me growing out of this town. Leaving it by train but always able to find my way back. This train wagon is a 1 of one copy of the NMBS train wagons in Belgium. It has the exact same measurements from the size of the wagon to the seats within. Inside of it, the viewers can sit back and look back at the earlier visited spaces.

Images by: Lars Duchateau