Lindert Steegen is a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on mural and graphic design. Current studio is based in Ghent, Belgium. Working closely with the client and environment to achieve a shared vision. 

Trying to push boundaries, driven by curiosity. Always open for new opportunities,exciting and crazy ideas. 

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3M30 x 3M & 
3M30 x 3M50

Dokter Willemsstraat 34,
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Like plants flourish in a conservatory, the open house
De Serre”, was established for the youth to thrive creatively. Because of its temporary character, it was time for them to relocate from Groenplein to Dokter Willemsstraat.

The idea was to frame the three successive passages to give the illusion of one cohesive piece, making the whole space come to life. The use of vibrant colours and abstract patterned shapes created a new dimension. Without exception, organic forms of flower and plants inspired me, intertwined with the concept of the “De Serre”, a seedbed for the creative youth of Hasselt/Limburg.